Saturday, June 29, 2019

Hdhrchan2myth - Import Channels from HDHomeRun to MythTV

This small script can be used to add channels to MythTV from an HDHomeRun device.  It has been tested with only MythTV v30, v31 and v32 on Ubuntu with an HDHomeRun Prime.  Also, it works with one HDHomeRun device and has not been tested with multiple HDHomeRun devices on the same network.  This script is not recommended for Schedules Direct users.

Before using this script, the channels must already be shown in the channel lineup by accessing the HDHomeRun's internal web page interface.  Scanning for channels and viewing the channel lineup can be done by opening a web browser and going to and then going to the "base url" listed on the discover page.

Usage instructions:
  1. Download the latest release from by clicking on releases.
  2. Extract, and move the file to the /tmp folder (not a tmp folder in the home folder).
  3. Right click on the file, left click on properties, left click on the permissions tab, and select "allow executing file as a program."
  4. Open a terminal and enter the following:
    • sudo su mythtv
    • /tmp/
    • exit
  5. All downloaded files can be deleted.

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