Thursday, December 24, 2020

Fire TV Stick DVR Viewer Using MythTV Leanfront Example Installation Steps

This blog post explains how to install MythTV DVR software on a Fire TV Stick and shows it being used to view live TV and a recording.  In this setup, I am using a CableCARD tuner which generally allows MythTV to be used to view and record encrypted Comcast cable channels other than premium channels such as HBO.  As explained in the video, another computer is also needed to run MythTV Backend.  The video editing software I use causes the video to appear slightly jerky, and the actual video on the TV from the Fire TV Stick is smooth without the skips shown.  This Fire TV Stick is compatible with HD content, but it is not compatible with 4K Ultra HD content.

Fire TV Stick 3rd Generation (2020) on Amazon:

Fire TV Stick DVR Compatible with Comcast Cable TV Using MythTV Leanfront

Example Installation Steps

I used the steps shown below to install Android MythTV Leanfront on the Fire TV Stick.
  1. Install Downloader on the Fire TV Stick.
  2. Allow Downloader to install unknown apps in the Fire TV Stick settings.
  3. On a computer or other device, download the Android MythTV Leanfront apk file, and save it to Google Drive or another similar service.
  4. Enter a shareable link to the saved apk file at with the word “shorten” and a blank space before the link to create a short link.
  5. Start Downloader on the Fire TV Stick, enter the short link, download, and install the apk file.
  6. Start MythTV Leanfront, and enter the IP address of your MythTV backend in the app’s settings.

Additional Helpful Information


  1. As of May 2021, Downloader is apparently having issues with downloading apk files from Google Drive. Downloader continues to work fine with

  2. As of January 2023, continues to work fine with Downloader. If the apk file downloaded has a zip extension, change the extension to apk. Install and start TVExplorer, change the filename extension, exit TVExplorer, start Downloader, and install the apk file by viewing the downloaded file in Downloader.