Saturday, December 4, 2021

IR Remote Configuration for MythTV Using Mythbuntu Control Panel

This video shows an example configuration of an infrared remote for MythTV using Mythbuntu Control Panel.

Infrared Hardware

The IR receiver shown in this video is an Inteset model INT-IR36-MCE (not the same as Inteset IReTV).  Ubuntu Linux identifies the chip in the device as "Feature Integration Technology Inc. (Fintek) F71610A or F71612A Consumer Infrared Receiver/Transceiver".  HP Media Center IR Receiver model OVU400102/71 is another IR receiver that uses this chip.  Verify the model number when purchasing the receiver.  Alternatively, purchase another IR receiver that is compatible with the NEC protocol if using a TiVo IR remote and one that is compatible with a Linux kernel driver.  Also, a TiVo Roamio remote is used in the video.

Key Descriptions

TiVo Roamio Remote Configuration for MythTV
Key descriptions while watching live TV, watching a recording and global as applicable:
  1. Jump to main menu (=)
  2. Jump to live TV (;)
  3. Directly control the TV power
  4. Show information (I)
  5. Directly control the TV input (also known as source)
  6. Switch between preconfigured zoom modes (W)
  7. Exit (Esc)
  8. Select (Enter)
  9. Navigate (arrow keys)
  10. Change channel (arrow keys up and down)
  11. Directly control the TV volume
  12. Show EPG (S)
  13. Directly mute and unmute the TV
  14. Record (R)
  15. Delete (D)
  16. Add bookmark (F5)
  17. Play (P)
  18. Sticky fast forward or skip forward one second while paused (.)
  19. Sticky rewind or jump back one second while paused (,)
  20. Pause (P)
  21. Jump to bookmark (K)
  22. Jump ahead (Page Down)
  23. Jump back (Page Up)
  24. Switch to the previous channel (H)
  25. Show pop-up menu (M)
  26. Cycle through channel groups and all channels in the program guide (/)
  27. Jump to the start of the recording (B)
  28. Select (Enter)
  29. Exit (Esc)

Software Setup

The following steps can be used to set the TiVo remote to work with a specific TV and use the remote  with MythTV:
  1. Open a web browser and visit TiVo's instructions here to make the remote control the TV power, volume, mute and input directly.
  2. See the video for configuring Ubuntu.
  3. Open a web browser, and visit http://BACKEND.IP.ADDRESS.HERE/mythweb/settings/mythtv/keys
  4. Under Jumpoints Editor, enter "=" for Main Menu and ";" for Live TV.
  5. Under Keybinding Editor, delete "F5" for Menu Blue and MenuEPG, enter "F5" for Add bookmark, delete "B" for Toggle active PIP/PBP window, and enter B for Jump to the start of the recording.
Example tivo.toml content for Ubuntu 20.04:

name = "tivo"
protocol = "nec"
variant = "nec32"
0x3085d028 = "KEY_1"
0x3085d029 = "KEY_2"
0x3085d02a = "KEY_3"
0x3085d02b = "KEY_4"
0x3085d02c = "KEY_5"
0x3085d02d = "KEY_6"
0x3085d02e = "KEY_7"
0x3085d02f = "KEY_8"
0x0085302f = "KEY_8"
0x3085c030 = "KEY_9"
0x3085e014 = "KEY_UP"
0x3085e016 = "KEY_DOWN"
0x3085e017 = "KEY_LEFT"
0x3085e015 = "KEY_RIGHT"
0x3085c031 = "KEY_0"
0x3085c033 = "KEY_ENTER"
0x3085c032 = "KEY_ESC"
0x3085f00d = "KEY_EQUAL"
0x3085c036 = "KEY_S"
0x3085e019 = "KEY_ENTER"
0x3085d024 = "KEY_DOT"
0x3085e011 = "KEY_SEMICOLON"
0x3085d023 = "KEY_P"
0x3085d021 = "KEY_P"
0x3085e01e = "KEY_UP"
0x3085e01f = "KEY_DOWN"
0x0085301f = "KEY_DOWN"
0x3085708d = "KEY_ESC"
0x3085d022 = "KEY_COMMA"
0x3085d020 = "KEY_R"
0x3085e013 = "KEY_I"
0x3085b044 = "KEY_W"
0x3085e018 = "KEY_D"
0x3085e01a = "KEY_F5"
0x3085d025 = "KEY_K"
0x3085d026 = "KEY_PAGEUP"
0x3085d027 = "KEY_PAGEDOWN"
0x30859060 = "KEY_M"
0x30859061 = "KEY_B"
0x30859062 = "KEY_SLASH"
0x30859063 = "KEY_H"

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