Sunday, October 21, 2018

HDHomeRun Premium Streaming Cable TV Service is Compatible with MythTV

Silicondust's new service allows you to cut the cable cord while keeping a great group of cable channels using your internet connection with at least one HDHomeRun tuner.  The service is compatible with MythTV and other open-source software.  MythTV allows a home theater computer (HTPC) to be a networked digital video recorder (DVR).  Soon after HDHomeRun Premium TV became available, Silicondust confirmed that the video format is compatible with open-source software, and MythTV users began making it possible to watch and record the content.  More information about how to use the service with MythTV can be found at the MythTV Community Forum, and it will most likely eventually be in the MythTV Wiki.

More Pressure on Cable Companies to not Copy Protect Content

MythTV is compatible with encrypted channels from cable companies using a CableCARD tuner, but it is not compatible with the copy protection that some cable companies use on many of their channels.  Comcast generally encrypts all channels but generally does not copy protect channels other than premium channels such as HBO.  Other cable companies such as Spectrum and Frontier Fios have copy protection on many channels according to multiple sources.  HDHomeRun Premium TV is a viable alternative if your cable company has the highly restrictive copy protection that disallows it to be used with open-source software.

Channels Included

Just $34.99 per month gets you 45 channels in addition to the local channels you can get with an antenna.

HDHomeRun Premium TV Included Channels

Choosing MythTV or HDHomeRun DVR Service

An HTPC with MythTV is very versatile, but it can take time to set up and update as needed.   Choose MythTV if you want to maximize the savings or if you want a system that is highly configurable to your liking.  Silicondust's DVR service is currently $35 per year.  Choose this DVR service if you want to minimize the time it takes to set it up and keep it updated.  With MythTV, you will need a computer that needs to be powered on when needed to record or play a recording or live TV.  With Silicondust's DVR service, having a computer that needs to be on when a recording is scheduled is optional if you prefer network-attached storage.

Compatible HDHomeRun Tuners

Not all of Silicondust's tuners are compatible with HDHomeRun Premium TV.  The service requires an HDHomeRun CONNECT (HDHR-2US), HDHomeRun EXTEND (HDTC-2US), HDHomeRun DUO (HDHR5-2US) or an HDHomeRun QUATRO (HDHR5-4US).  

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