Thursday, March 26, 2020

Mythchromium - Add a Menu Button in MythTV that Launches a Web Browser

Mythchromium is a small script that adds a Chromium menu button and optionally a Chrome menu button in MythTV which launches the browser full screen.  HTPC Browser Launcher is used to launch the browser and optionally control the mouse cursor using a TV remote.  Additionally, it optionally automatically opens which contains links to video streaming websites.  Mythchromium is for Ubuntu Linux and other similar Linux distributions.

MythTV Menu with Chrome and Chromium Launcher Buttons

Mythchromium Instructions

  1. Install HTPC Browser Launcher by following the instructions at
  2. Navigate to, and download the latest tar.gz file.
  3. Put the tar.gz file in your home folder.
  4. Open Terminal, and enter "tar -xvf mythchromium-20200326.tar.gz -C /tmp/ && cd /tmp/mythchromium-20200326 && ./" without the quotes.  Change the version numbers if needed to match the downloaded file name.
  5. The downloaded tar.gz file can be deleted.
  6. Restart MythTV Frontend.

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