Monday, May 23, 2022

MythTV v32 Example Backend Setup on Ubuntu 22.04 with Schedules Direct and HDHomeRun Prime

HDHomeRun Prime on Amazon:
HDHomeRun NextGen TV ATSC 3.0 on Amazon:

This video shows example backend setup steps using an HDHomeRun Prime tuner and guide data from Schedules Direct.

The operating system used is Ubuntu, which can be downloaded from

Instructions for installing Mythbuntu Control Panel can be found at

The setup steps are different depending on the tuner being used.  Helpful information can be found on the MythTV wiki at  Help can also be obtained by posting questions on the MythTV forum at

Fetching the channels from the listing source can take a long time.  Even with a fast processor and abundant memory, running mythfilldatabase can take a long time.  Give these time to finish.

Some intermediate clear steps are skipped in the video.  When configuring the listings grabber, I accepted many of the defaults by just pressing enter.

The configuration of the tv_grab_zz_sdjson grabber is shown.  This grabber will likely be changed in the near future to be compatible with server software changes that Schedules Direct will be implementing.  Updating the grabber may be necessary if the Ubuntu package containing the grabber is not updated automatically.  More information about this can be found at on the Schedules Direct forums.

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  1. The latest version of Mythbuntu Control Panel no longer has a MythTV Backend Setup button that launches mythtv-setup. This was done because starting with MythTV v34, a web app is available to configure the backend, and mythtv-setup is now deprecated. Mythbuntu Control Panel can be used to activate the v34 MythTV Updates repository and install v34. If the latest version of MCP is used with an older version of MythTV (also optional but not recommended with v34), the command line can be used to launch mythtv-setup. When using mythtv-setup, the backend must be stopped if it is running before launching mythtv-setup. For the tasks shown in the video, the user must be switched to mythtv when running mythtv-setup. Before switching the user and running mythtv-setup, the mythtv user must have permission to use the display. The commands to launch mythtv-setup are :

    sudo systemctl stop mythtv-backend
    xhost +SI:localuser:mythtv
    sudo --login --user=mythtv mythtv-setup